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Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Technology (PIET)

PIET aims to provide its students an education with the relevance, depth, and breadth of related experience that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. Our students will enjoy the advantages that come from engaging with a leading-edge curriculum, highly qualified faculty, and an intellectual community that values diversity, interdisciplinary teamwork, and inventiveness.

Our institution is a place where students can follow the path of their interest to the career of their choice. The Engineering programme is carefully designed and developed by experienced academics to ensure acquisition of high quality education in respective disciplines. Our focus remains on providing prospective engineers with insightful knowledge and professional skills to boost their competency for the job market. We aim to make academic careers more flexible by articulating the curricula in unison with practical needs of the day, with emphasis on building core competencies among the students along with fostering leadership qualities.

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Allocation of Roll Numbers to Students of Section A & B

Revised Merit List of Admission Closed on Nov,04,2013 : BSc Elelctrical Engineering

1st Merit List of Admission closed on Nov,28,2013 : BSc Elelctrical Engineering

PEC has allowed Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Technology to launch its BSc Electrical Engineering Program w.e.f fall 2013 and onwards
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Message from the Director

(Engr. Nisar Ahmed Shakoor)

"Knowledge can not nourish in the fields of ignorance; it takes curiosity and dedication to learn"
I feel great honor and privilege in proclaiming that our dream of making a professional academia on the map of Multan has finally come true and we are ready to induct our first batch. I hereby take this opportunity to thank the management of the University of Sargodha (UOS) for granting affiliation to PIET. Infact, we are proud of being affiliated with one of the prestigious universities of the country and it would not be out of place to mention that research-oriented studies is the common pursuit of both (UOS & PIET).

The mission behind the making of PIET is to advance knowledge and to educate students in management, science & technology alike that will best serve the nation in 21st century. We had started this Institute with a scratch but with the grace of ALLAH ALMIGHTY, we have succeeded in achieving the first milestone of our mission. Here I would also like to thank my team members for crowning PIET with their unremitting and untiring efforts.

Our vision in making PIET is to generate and preserve knowledge, understanding and creativity by instigating enquiry, conducting high-quality research and promoting scholarship programs that will benefit students, scholars and communities across the country. We seek to develop in each member of PIET community the ability and passion to work prudently, creatively and effectively. This Institute offers students a chance to have intensive study in their field of interest. Our programmes of study are designed to make students think rationally, laterally and independently.

Realizing that the success of scientific revolution requires concerted efforts of many, not a few, we shall establish a formal network of cooperative and collaborative relationship with the centers of excellence within and outside Pakistan. The quality of human beings shall remain center of our focus. It shall be our constant endeavor to produce, not only excellent graduates, but also good human beings with strong sense of values.

Dear Students! I hope your stay at PIET will open new vistas of knowledge and realms of wisdom for you and polish your skills to meet the standards of national and international community.

Message from the Director of Student Affairs

(Engr. Kamran Sibtain)

It is announced with immense pleasure that PIET is leading a way towards the start of various departments where students are the sole focus of attention. The Student Affairs Office is established to bridge up the gap between the students and the administration as well as to inculcate the spirit of co-ordination and strong interpersonal relationship among peers. For this reason, I am exceedingly elated to announce the establishment of clubs and societies like:

  1. General Society
  2. Technical Society
  3. Literary Club
  4. Sports Club

The basic vision behind these student-centered facilities is to spur up their potential and to make their approach more rational and pragmatic towards the national and international needs. On the same pretext, computing & internet as well as library facilities are provided to the students to enhance their knowledge and E-Library is in pipeline which will provide access to research journals and books. Similarly, in terms of recreation-cum-knowledge based studies, industrial tours will be arranged for the benefit of students. Dear Students! I look forward to have you at PIET where a bright future awaits you all.

Message from the Industrial Liaison Officer

The three main tasks of "Career and Placement Centre" are:

  1. Assisting the students in making cover letters and resume in accordance with the international standards.
  2. Advise careers for the students according to their personal interests.
  3. Improving the interviewing skills of the students by arranging seminars with the human resource representatives of multi-national organizations.

The function of the Placement Center is to promote a cordial relationship among the Institute and employment agencies as well as Industrial Sector. It will contact various business organizations and government agencies and elicits their help and cooperation in the placement of students. During the summer break, this Center will arrange for the practical training of students in Industrial Corporations, Government Companies, and renowned private organizations to give them a real time picture of how the things take place in field so that they can relate the theory with practical life and impart them know-how of the employer’s demands.